Discharging options

Discharging Options — You have the right to choose your home care agency.

Here are  tips to help you decide how to handle your discharge options when you or your loved one is transitioning home from the hospital or the nursing home:

  • Look at how the patient has been coping at home prior to this admission and assess if they will need more assistance after discharge.
  • Upon discharge ask for information on an agency that can support you in your home environment for a length of time.
  • Find out if you are eligible to activate your Long Term Care Insurance or are eligible for a state assistance program.
  • Let family and friends know options available to help care for the loved one alone.
  • Let doctors and discharge planners suggest support in the home during a trying recovery.
  • Go over with a discharge planner how you perform activities of daily living and review changes due to diagnosis.

Use our web site for suggestions with daily care and activities assistance.

  • Keep in mind that an appropriate discharge reduces returning to the hospital.
  • Use an agency that can provide an in-home nursing assessment for the best outcome of recovery at home.
  • Use an agency that will service 1 hour per day if that is all that is required.
  • Keep costs down by having a professional come in and assess your situation.
  • Sometimes grocery shopping, transportation or meal prep and laundry is all that is needed to help.
  • For younger people like Mom’s and Dad’s who are sick, minimal hours with meal prep and laundry keeps the house running smoothly and helps with their recovery time.