Resource Guide & Links

Check out our resource Guide. Click on the links to learn more!

Greater Springfield Senior Services

One of our best references is GSSS.  Contact them if you are interested in our services or if you need other assistance in the Western Massachusetts area.

Senior Magazine
Massachusetts elder care resources.

Council On Aging by Towns
Do you need to find a Council On Aging in your town?
(You must have Microsoft Excel to view this information)

Home Care Alliance of MA
Are you looking to make sure Apex Healthcare is qualified to care for you in your home?

Health Care News of Western MA
Find out what some of the current topics are in healthcare in your area.

Resource for Massachusetts Elders
Are you looking for a particular service in MA like Meals on Wheels?

New Lifestyles – The Source for Seniors
Are you thinking you may need an alternate to home care?

ElderCare Link
Do you need help looking for senior services?

Physician Finder
Do you need help finding a physician in Western MA?

MD Interactive
Looking for information on a particular diagnosis, disease or illness?

Health and Age
Age related health topics, reviews and counseling.

Disease Management Connection
Disease management resources.

Living with UC
Strategies and resources for living with Ulcerative Colitis.

Caring Connections
Hospice Federation of Massachusetts 
Are you interested in a health care proxy in your state?

Links to Organizations

NFCA – National Family Caregivers Association

Are you a caregiver?

Looking to join AARP? – American Association of Retired Persons.

American Cancer Society
Does someone you love have cancer? Strategies, resources and treatment information.

American Heart Association
Do you have questions about heart disease?

The Michael J. Fox Foundation
National Parkinson Foundation 
Do you know someone with Parkinson’s Disease?

American Stroke Association
Do you have questions about stroke?

American Lung Association
Do you need information on lung disease?

Alzheimer’s Association
Are you starting to think someone you know is having problems with memory?