Housekeeping, Food Shopping and Laundry for an Irishman

Pulling the family alongI admitted a very nice Irish gentleman who was visiting Ireland when he had a heart attack and stroke. He proceeded to need a quadruple bypass.

After two months at a hospital in Ireland he returned to the US in a Lear jet. He was transferred to a local hospital then sent for rehabilitation at a facility for two months. With his dogged determination to walk again he came home with a walker.

He is authorized for a CNA one hour a week for light housekeeping, laundry and food shopping.

I went in to interview this kindly gent for a care plan. His niece was driving two hours from her home to do his food shopping every other week. He said sometimes he still needed some extra things from the store to tide him over but can’t get them until his niece comes up again. I found him Pea Pod , a wonderful food delivery service that for a nominal fee is ordered online and delivered, sometimes the driver will even put the food in cabinets and the refrigerator for a at no extra cost.  This gentleman had a computer and was very happy he had a means of being self sufficient and relieving his dear niece from some of these taxing duties so their time together would be less stressful and more fun.

He is having his laundry done by a service that picks up on Mondays and delivers on Wednesday.

When I left the aide will be expected to change his sheets and clean his bathroom weekly. Also, she will dust and mop the floors in the living room and kitchen and keep the kitchen clean.  He has lifeline that alerts his emergency contact if he falls.  He has a walker which he appears to use correctly and a shower chair to sit on when taking a shower. He has a held hand shower ($10.00) which he can shower himself with.

He has loving family that is willing to bring food or visit. They call often and now can enjoy his visits without the burdens of food shopping, laundry and housekeeping.

I left confident this Irish sweetheart was as safe as he can be!

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