Nutrition to Control Disease Symptoms

nutritionWe are always told about dieting to lose weight, with great emphasis on what not to eat. Thinking about starting a meal plan that is nutritious for your body that will also manage your disease symptoms. If you’re a diabetic your diabetic diet should be controlling your sugar intake. If you have cardiac disease your cardiac diet  will use the least amount of salt to manage your blood pressure and weight. If you have IBS you need to follow an IBS diet every day to make the pains and dumping feeling go away. If you have celiac disease, inflammation around your body, migraine headaches, or serious abdominal pain you might want to consider a gluten-free diet. If you eat the food that keeps your body in check, you will find you are more apt to manage your weight.

All diets that are healthy include protein ( meat, fish, eggs, legumes) vegetables, fruit, sometimes dairy and carbohydrates.  A little salt and a little sugar in moderation are usually acceptable.

Plan your Diet Program

Take your time in deciding to start a meal plan. Know what you need to eat every meal time. Should your meal plan be three meals a day or four smaller meals a day? During your planning phase make some recipes and eat some foods that will be beneficial to your health.. Read about you diet and what participants eat. See if the program has menus or frozen foods. The American Diabetes Association has great recipes to help with controlling sugar intake. The American Heart Association is another source. The International Foundation For Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders is a source for serious IBS pain.  Most disease management programs are associated with helpful diet tips.

Record your Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar and Weight Daily

Keep a 30-day chart and see how your blood pressure, weight and blood sugars go up and down as you follow your diet.  Don’t make losing weight your priority.  You are eating to maintain nutrition to manage a disease, your weight will most likely stay in check as you learn to eat the right foods for your body.

Good luck and stay with it, even if some days you slip.

Resources:  American Heart AssociationAmerican Diabetes Association, International Foundation For Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders, National Foundation For Celiac Disease

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