Link To Life

Apex is affiliated with Pittsfield-based personal emergency response service provider Link to Life.

This collaboration facilitates the delivery of personal emergency response services to Apex home care clients. Personal emergency response services provide individuals a fast and simple way to summon help in an emergency.

Link to Life subscribers wear a help button on their wrist or around their neck and are connected to a 24-hour a day emergency care center by pressing this button. Locally based and highly trained care center operators assess the emergency and summon the appropriate assistance.

Often utilized by seniors who either live alone or spend time alone, personal emergency response systems have been shown to dramatically improve patient’s ability to obtain assistance in the event of a medical emergency. Studies show that seniors who receive immediate medical attention after a fall are 26% less likely to require hospitalization and have an 82% reduction in the likelihood of death. And, Personal Emergency Response Systems, or PERS, have proven to reduce readmissions, emergency room visits, while increasing quality of life.

Link to Life has been a national provider of Personal Emergency Response Services for the elderly and medically at-risk since 1979. Link to Life seeks to empower and support older adults, people with disabilities and those battling chronic illness to live independently, with dignity.


Located at 137 North Street, Suite 209 in downtown Pittsfield, Link to Life employs local Berkshire County personal who monitor our technology, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days of the year aiming to keep people in their homes, where they want to be. The company partners with healthcare providers, hospitals, home health agencies and state Medicaid programs throughout the United States.