How To Make A Referral

Referrals may come from physicians, discharge planners, other health care providers, your family or friends, or you.

You, your healthcare provider, or family member can call our office, send us a fax, email us, or contact us in person or in writing. If you or your family member makes a self-referral, we may ask if we can contact your doctor for approval to evaluate your situation and to get necessary medical information.

In each case, our intake personnel will ask for basic information, such as:

  • Your name

  • Date of birth

  • Address and phone number

We will also ask you for information about your doctors, diagnosis, current medical orders, and any hospitalizations you have had. Safety is very important to us, so we will want to check your medications, whether you have had a flu shot, concerns about your personal safety in your home, and who your caregiver and/or emergency contact will be.

As part of our intake process, we will ask if you have an advance directive for your health care and if it has been updated. If you would like help completing or updating your advance directive, we can assist you.

You will be evaluated for admission within 48 hours of your referral or arrival home from an inpatient facility unless otherwise specified by referral source, client, physician, or caregiver.

Acceptance of a request for service does not insure the continuation of further service beyond the initial visit if it is determined that criteria for admission can not be met.