Planning For Homecare

Apex Home Care designed this website to promote the health and well-being of the elderly or disabled adult in the comfort of his or her own home, while providing important care giving support and peace of mind to the family members. We can direct you to many sites that can assist with understanding a new diagnosis and community assistance to help you live longer, happier and healthier lives. Our geriatric nurse specialists are highly trained and ready to provide answers to the most common elder care questions and guidance or planning. Feel free to put this site on your desktop for reference to immediate information regarding home care and health care in Western MA.

We have real life stories about families in situations you may find similar to yours. Read these stories and if you find time in your busy schedule write us your story.

Feel free to ask us questions about our services and call us if you would like a free in home assessment by a registered nurse. We also assist clients in nursing homes, hospitals and assisted living facilities. We activate long-term care plans for a minimal fee.

Family members confronting home care for an elderly loved one for the first time often encounter an overwhelming range of issues. Home safety, nutrition, medication compliance, depression, mobility, and legal and financial concerns can combine to make planning elder care stressful and confusing. Apex Home Care, Inc. conducts a full assessment of the elder's health and living situation in their home, prepares a customized plan of care and communicates the care plan to all concerned family members. The toughest part of elder care can often be putting a care plan into action. We provide active assistance in implementing and coordinating services to meet the needs of the elder and family. This assistance is helpful for both working families in the immediate area who have other responsibilities and for those who may be living a considerable distance from the elder, or unfamiliar with how to identify and select the best care.

Apex Home Care, Inc. uses nurses to oversee the staff to ensure that the services arranged for the elder are meeting specific needs on an on-going basis, while meeting the highest standards of quality. Our nurses regularly check in with the elder to make certain the caregivers are following the care plan and there are no new issues confronting the elder or caregivers.