Professional Development

Bonus for Nursing Students seeking employment at Apex Home Care.

Nursing students working 20 or more hours per week for Apex Home Care are eligible for $150.00 per semester towards their books. This is a great opportunity to get help with costs for school and learn about community nursing.

Apex Home Care would like to give you the opportunity to improve your skills in the home setting. We care for clients diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease, Cancer, Dementia, Alzheimer's Disease, Cardiac Disease, and much more.

We will accommodate your class, weekend, holiday and vacation schedules. If you are interested, give us a call at (413) 746-4663. You will need to bring a copy of your physical and TB test; both should have been completed within the past year. We need two to three references from previous employers and/or teachers. You will also need two forms of ID, such as your valid driver's license and Social Security card.

Testimonials from Employees Attending College:

“Working for Apex Home Care over the last year and a half, while attending nursing school at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, has been a wonderful experience. The staff has been great in being flexible and accommodating to my school schedule. They understand the importance of education and provide a work experience that also creates a learning environment. I will be starting my senior year in the Fall in the nursing program and will continue to work with the agency until graduation. I recommend this job for anyone attending nursing school as it not only fits your schedule, but you can take something away from this experience as well.”

- Meghan Dagle, Home Health Aide

“As a recent graduate of Holyoke Community College, Class of 2006, working for Apex Home Care is the place to work while attending school. I have worked here for 2+ years, primarily in the office, but I also worked in the field for a year and a half. The staff is great and understanding as they know being a student is a job in itself. The office is very flexible in trying to accommodate to your schedule because we know it is chaotic to balance both school and work and have little stress. Working for the agency and going to school worked best for me because Apex values their workers, education, and being flexible to working around your schedule. It is a great opportunity to have a job in the field, while attending school, and the experience you will gain will stay with you as continue to pursue your careers.”

- Nichole Gomes, Office Staff & PCA