The Forum House

Transitional Employment is a Partnership between Apex Homecare and The Forum House: Everybody Gains.

Jeremy Robert, a member from The Forum House transitional employment program is gainfully employed at Apex Homecare, in Springfield MA.

“When Jeremy is on the job, we know he is happy, from the big smile he wears on his face”

- Cheryl Rumley, Founder & President of Apex Homecare

Jeremy first arrived at Apex with his support staff from the Forum House; Kevin, Lauren and Becca. The Forum House works in partnership with local employers to meet their business needs, while offering employment opportunities to people with disabilities in MA.

“Historically, I’ve hired home care aides from the Forum House and have always been pleased with the quality of their work. I was confidant that Jeremy would also succeed in his role at Apex. Jeremy works in the document management department, scanning payroll and other documents into the new system recently installed at the home care agency.”

- Cheryl Rumley, Founder & President of Apex Homecare

The Forum House provides its members vocational training and skills to help them obtain employment. Using a Clubhouse Model, they offer a supportive environment and coaching to Clubhouse Members. This Transitional Employment (TE) approach ensures cooperation, inclusion and shared responsibility. Employers fill job positions with a reliable workforce. Clubhouse members also have higher job retention rates and adapt quickly to their positions on the job.

“One great advantage of their model is absence coverage. This demonstrates a commitment to the employer that will ensure the job gets done no matter what. I can count on Kevin, Lauren or Becca to step in and do the job if Jeremy is out for any reason. I encourage other business owners to utilize Transitional Employment from the Forum House because this program is so reliable. Having Jeremy on our team makes all the difference. I’m thankful to The Forum House for this special employee.”

- Cheryl Rumley, Founder & President of Apex Homecare

As an additional benefit, businesses and organizations that utilize Transitional Employment are often eligible to receive tax credits and other incentives. Employees get to test their abilities and talents.

“This model encourages clubhouse members to explore work with different employers and in many varied job roles. So when members look for more permanent work, this approach helps them make informed decisions about their career path, because their choices are based on broader experiences. It’s a position I love, the people at Apex are great and I’m able to utilize a variety of my skills.” - Jeremy Robert

Transitional Employment also provides employees with a work history and current references, making them more competitive in the labor market.

Employees in this work program also make important social and business connections, which helps contribute to their overall health and happiness.

The workplace is more inclusive.

“Apex knows that a diverse team produces better services and solutions. There is a clear advantage when you bring people together with all kinds of differences in gender, ethnicity, orientation, age, background, and abilities of which are increased empathy and understanding. This is what leads to a true culture of inclusion and everyone in the workplace benefits from that.”

- Cheryl Rumley, Founder & President of Apex Homecare